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Welcome to, the home based business website for people who run their own business, or are considering opening up a business of their own. brings you down to earth hints, tips and inspiration for home business owners and small business owners in the UK. We're building Bizmainia to cover not just making money and business opportunities, but to include home business advice, ecommerce, business skills and personal development.

Gone are the days when small businesses meant small profits. Small business is big business and people from all over the country are looking for a slice of the action. There are literally thousands of home based business ideas so there are business options for anyone, regardless of their skills or previous experience.

Home based businesses appeal to people from all walks of life, including:-

  • Work at home moms who want to work at home while bringing up a family
  • Seniors who want to earn additional income
  • Students who want to support themselves through their studies
  • People who want to take their business ideas and put them into action
  • Entrepreneurs who are building up seed capital
  • Employees who dread the daily commute
  • YOU!??!
and many, many, more................

If you are thinking of starting up on your own, you can find plenty of home based business opportunities, business ideas and uk home business opportunities, here. So if you are a trader, entrepreneur, opportunity seeker or even a trainee millionaire you have come to the right place.

Please bookmark this site and return regularly. We are updating site content all the time, so there are always new hints, tips and inspirational articles about running your own home business, whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur.

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